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Home User Services

1. Standard computer repair. You disconnect the computer from the monitor keyboard and mouse and bring it in to us to be repaired. This is the most economical choice for most home users. The minimum charge is $45 for diagnosing the machine. Most repairs can be completed for under $100 if no data needs to be saved.

2. On-site computer repair. This is typically $65 an hour with a one hour minimum.

3. Set up a wireless or wired network. Call for free a quote.

4. Add a wireless device to your existing network.

5. Have X Box live (tm)? We can set it up for you!

6. On-site training from the basics to digital photos and video.

7. System restore or operating system upgrade starting at $129 (not including software). Includes all current updates and patches.

8. Spyware and Antivirus software need to be installed?  We have many options in all price ranges.

9. Computer clean and tune-up.  Dust and dirt can wreak havoc on a very expensive piece of hardware.  Is your computer slower now then the first day you bought  it?  If it is, give us a call so we can help.

10. Have a new video card, hard drive, memory stick or other peripheral to install?  We can do it, prices starting at $24.



Business Services

1. Set up the correct network for your situation including: peer to peer, client-server, wired or wireless. We use Microsoft Server 2003 (tm), and Microsoft Exchange Server for our client-server networks.

2. Need a website? We can help.

3. Onsite computer repair.

4. Office e-mail.

5. Are you backing up all your important data?  If not call us, so we can help you protect your data like you should.

6. We can run network cable to just the spot you need it.

7. Network and server security and power back-ups installed.

8. A clean computer is a happy computer (trust me) let us clean and service all of your computers and printers.

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