Mike's office (231) 206-3254
Scott's office (231) 206-3754
fax (231) 767-0068

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If I call you for service today how long will it take you to get to my home or business?

A:  We will be there within one business day but most of the time we can be there same day.

Q:  How long have you two been in this business?

A:  Bitz is a new company in 2005 but Mike has been working part time on computers in homes and offices for the past 10 years.  Scott has maintained home and business clients just as long.

Q:  If I were to want to have a "lan party" for my friends or my child's birthday party can you help?

A:  Sure, now this is the fun stuff.  We can bring everything to get the network and the party up and running so all your friends can just plug in and play.

Q:  I want to expand my office and add 3 more desktop computers to the network.  Can you help?

A:  Yes we can.  We can do everything from running the cable, to installing the computers, to helping you decide what computers to purchase and install.

Q:  Do you have any sort of guarantee?

A:  Yes we do.  If you are not satisfied with our service all labor is free.



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